Rights and obligations of the tenant

Rights and obligations of the tenant:

Whether you are moving into your new apartment or leaving it, you have rights and obligations.


• You have the right to draw up an inventory of fixtures free of charge when you enter or leave the apartment.
• You are entitled to the issuance of a receipt of rent free of charge as long as the rent is paid.
• You have the right to terminate the lease at any time upon compliance with the notification period
• You have the right to 'quiet enjoyment' of the premises. This means that the lessor must ensure the quietness of the surroundings.


• Pay the rent and additional fees on the date agreed upon in your lease.
• Exhibit "Peaceful use of the leased property”, that is to say: live in the dwelling in a peaceful manner.
• Carry out routine maintenance (cleaning, taking the garbage out) and the repairs that are incumbent upon the lessee of the apartment.
• Do not alter the premises without the written consent of the lessor.
• Do not assign or sublet your apartment (except with the written consent of the lessor, specifying the rental price).
• Respect the rules of the residence.

* This list of rights and obligations is not exhaustive. It is advised to refer to the contractual conditions contained in the lease itself.