Online booking

Booking online: What is it?

Through our website, you can "pre-book" an apartment in the residence of your choice.  

This guarantees you:  

- The availability of an apartment whatever your date of arrival *

- Priority treatment of your file  

- The possibility of entering your apartment quickly 

* Please note, for the start of the autumn 2018 term, some dates have already been blocked.  


How to proceed : 

- Visit the "Book Online" tab of the residence of your choice 

- Follow the indications on the screen to your payment of €150


Please note:

- This amount is an advance on the administrative fees or the first rent payment (if the administrative fees have been waived).

- Ce r&e- This payment does not indicate validation of your file. 

You must, at the same time (by e-mail for greater speed), send us the documents required for the examination of your application.

Pour celTo do this, download the following document : " “booking form

If your application is not accepted, the €150 will be refunded immediately by bank transfer.