Not a student?

You are not a student, but you are looking for temporary or long-term housing.

Cardinal Campus is able to respond to your needs in all of our residences.  



- Send an email to the address of the residence in question (see "Our Residences") or to

- By telephone either by contacting the residence concerned or by contacting 0437422000

We will give you the information you want and send you listings of residences (which you can also find in the "PDF document" tab) and the booking form that you can also find below.  

Following review of your file, we will send you the lease and our requests for payment.

If your application is complete, you can move into your lodging within 24 hours!



- A lease for one or a maximum of two months: : : rent = student rate + €150, no administrative fees, your Deposit will not be cashed (you must contact EDF for a contract) 

Documents to be submitted:

- Photocopy of both sides of your ID

- Proof of permanent residence 


- Temporary lease for 3 to 6 months: : Rent = student rate + €80, administrative fees - 50% of the advertised rate (you must contact EDF for a contract and take out comprehensive housing insurance policy)

Documents to be submitted: : Click here 


- Permanent lease starting from 7 months: : Rent = student rate + €50; 

Documents to be submitted: :  Click here