Incoming inventory of fixtures

Once you have acquired your signed lease and tenant status, you can proceed with the incoming inventory of fixtures



The inventory of fixtures is a document signed by the tenant and the owner or manager, which defines the state of the housing in a manner agreed upon by both the tenant and the owner or manager at the time that the keys to the housing are handed over to the tenant. It is a kind of "snapshot" of the state of the housing before you move in.

We will give you the keys at that time.

Please Note : we do not keep spare keys in case yours are lost or stolen. In such a case, the replacement of the locks will be your responsibility.

The outgoing inventory of fixtures will take place upon your departure and the returning of the keys to us.

In the absence of this document, you may be liable for damage left by the previous tenant.


So that your departure takes place in the best possible conditions, you can prepare the outgoing inventory of fixtures.

• Make an appointment for the inventory, if possible on the day you return the keys. Take care to have emptied the apartment of your furniture and personal items and do (or have done) FULL cleaning of the lodging.
• Have the water meter indexes noted. These appear on individual meters in the case of collective supply.
• Lastly, return the keys after indicating on the keys their number and use (building door, mailbox ...).