Comprehensive home insurance policy

To be covered in the case of a possible accident, the tenant has the obligation to take out (for the duration of the lease) a comprehensive home insurance policy from a reputable insurance company.

The tenant may be requested to present this document at any time.

Insuring one’s residence against rental risks is an obligation. Otherwise, the owner has the right to terminate the lease without any further formality.

You must therefore present a certificate of insurance before signing your lease, then each year at the request of the lessor. The Lessor may not require you to take out a policy with a particular insurance company. You can choose the insurer you wish.

Many insurance companies, banks and student health insurance programmes offer very competitive insurance rates for "comprehensive home insurance coverage" designed specifically for students. These policies cover the risks of fire, explosion, water damage, and theft ...

Personal liability is very important.

Special rates are offered to students who often have low incomes.
The price of the policy is an important criterion, but be sure to choose the level of coverage that best suits you: The deductible, coverage for furniture, coverage exclusion clauses ... are all factors to consider.

Insurance premiums vary according to:
The category of housing
The location of the residence
The furniture covered
The number of occupants

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